Hello !

Hey world! This is a blog done by me and my friend Emma. Emma is my assistant in my buissness in which I make duct tape purses. I will post some pictures when I get the chance. The purses are only available to those at my school (My names Amy btw) so sorry to everyone else! I handed out brochures at school and once u see the pictures and colors u will know how I am ( if u go to my school). That’s all I have to say right now and Emma will post later maybe.


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3 Responses to Hello !

  1. 1drocks18 says:

    Love it Amy very funny oh ya u people out there this is Emma the assistant sorry if I spell that wrong I am not a good speller Emma out live love laugh

  2. 1drocks18 says:

    Thanks Amy fill free to chat here and just have. Fun and Order purses

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